Summer Football Camp

Youth Football Summer Camp

Summer Football Camp

Are you Ready for Youth Football Summer Camp?

Memorial Day – Although not the official start of summer, this day definitely serves as a reminder that school is about to get out and the kids will get (restless) soon. As a parent I am sure you have collected all of the local summer camp applications and that you are looking forward to the start of camp season. Are you ready? If the answer is not quite, have no fear because for the entire month of June and July Women’s Pigskin writers will author an entire series of how to survive football summer camp season. Each article, tip, or video will include everything from the best of GameDay & practice sideline outfits, carpooling tips, brown bag snacks and smoothies to mommy/daddy keep sane tips that surly will help you and your campers stay healthy on and off the field all summer long.

Oh! And, did I mention that the Women’s Pigskin summer football camp series will include a boat load of nifty downloadable pdfs you can use as time-savers to help you conquer camp season. For starters, check out Women’s Pigskin’s Summer Football Equipment Checklist (SFEC). Available now for free just click on the link. Not sure where to get the latest gear check out your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store. They’ve got the great inventory of youth sports supplies. Packing the right gear is one of the most important step to keeping your child safe on the field and keep you from having to make several tips because you forgot something like his or her lucky charm. Not to mention, the inconvenience of having to go back if you are carpooling. The SFEC checklist is divided into four categories; on the field equipment, practice gear, staying hydrated, and personal gear and equipment.

Aside from youth camps check out June calendar to see what other cool things are happening in and around the Los Angeles, area for families and adults. There you will see tons of affordable things to get into in L.A. from outdoor movies to blues concerts.

FYI summer officially begins June 21, 2018 this year. Let’s make the best of summer!

Xoxo Tally

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