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Top 5 NFL Fantasy Football Websites Pro's and Con's - Women's Pigskin
Fantasy Football

Top 5 NFL Fantasy Football Websites Pro’s and Con’s

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Pros vs. Cons: Comparing the top 5 NFL Fantasy Websites

In 2015, a reported 74.7 million Americans took part – or at least planned to take part in National Football League (NFL) fantasy football. Fantasy football has grown from groups of men sitting around one individual’s living room, drafting players, to websites and media outlets solely dedicated to the NFL fantasy game.

It isn’t just men that fantasy football is for, as the game is played by women just as often as men, these days. In 2014, it was reported that 8.3 million women played fantasy football, which was double that statistic from 2007. To learn more about the game check out our “The Game” section.

With so many options for NFL fantasy sports, it is difficult to know which one is right for you. Do you play daily fantasy sports or play a full season of NFL fantasy online? Below is a comparison of popular fantasy football hosting companies.

Yahoo! NFL Fantasy

Yahoo Sports was launched in 1997, and many first adopters of online fantasy sports used Yahoo in the early days. Because of longevity, the site continues to be the top fantasy provider. Although Yahoo is best known for season long fantasy sports, it launched daily fantasy sports in 2015.


  • Longevity
  • Simple to use and navigate
  • Hosts 95% of fantasy leagues
  • Great on mobile or tablet


  • Stick with what works
  • May feel old and bland if used for years

ESPN Fantasy NFL
ESPN’s fantasy football experience isn’t too different than Yahoo’s; and the sports media outlet is considered a close second. Many user reviews rave about the easy to use fantasy football toolkit that makes hosting a league simple. There is also a cool report card feature that gets sent out weekly for those that take their fantasy NFL seriously.


  • Like Yahoo, it’s free to signup
  • Message boards to talk to league rivals
  • Rankings look great, especially if your team is in it


  • Too many advertisements
  • Too many blogs, articles and other information to read
  • Complicated at times to navigate due to ads

NFL.com Fantasy
Despite being the league’s home base website, Yahoo and ESPN provide better versions of fantasy football to hungry players; at least in the past. Because of the popularity of fantasy sports and the fact that many people care more about their fantasy team than their real-life team, the league’s website is trying to improve its position. It may not be long until the NFL.com fantasy football game is the best in town.


  • Integration with Madden videogames, DirecTV and Xbox One
  • Simple to use
  • On par with Yahoo and ESPN
  • The NFL’s official website


  • Playing catchup to the other top sites
  • Fantasy players already use other providers

In recent years, more fantasy sports players have gone toward DraftKings and FanDuel. The allure of one-day fantasy leagues and winning cash right away (gasp, gambling!) has influenced many to play DFS rather than season long fantasy leagues. The company has become a major player almost overnight, and remains the best in DFS.


  • Players can play a weekend, then select a new fantasy team for the next
  • Players can enter a league for as little as $0.25
  • DraftKings has paid out over $1 billion in cash prizes
  • Some DFS players on DraftKings now play fantasy sports as their full-time job


  • Depending on how you feel about gambling, you could be put off
  • 10 USA states don’t allow DraftKings to operate

Like DraftKings, FanDuel has become one of the major players in DFS. In fact, most fantasy sports advocates will choose one or the other. Players can use FanDuel on laptop, mobile and tablet, making it easy to play wherever you are. But like its main rival, it isn’t available in every state in the USA. Players can get into free DFS leagues all the way up to $10,000 buy-ins; and the cash that can be won is immense.


  • Easy to sign up and new players can receive a promo offer
  • Simple interface and user friendly
  • Easy to understand points scoring system


  • Depending on how you feel about gambling, you could be put off
  • 11 USA states don’t allow FanDuel to operate

There are plenty of NFL fantasy websites out there, but finding the one that will suit you isn’t easy. It really depends on what you are going for, which is fantasy smash mouth football is your cup of tea. A little trial and error may be in store, if you just can’t decide.

By Drew Farmer
Twitter @DrewMFarmer
Facebook @DrewFarmerFreelance

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