Rules and Penalties

The Signals

NFL Official Hand Signals Touchdown

The officiating crew consists of several people that don’t only make sure the game runs smoothly but protect players from getting seriously injured. Don’t forget that football is a full contact sport.

Main Signals


In football there are tones of signals indicating but here are the most common:

  1. Holding
  2. Time Out
  3. Offside
  4. Pass Interference
  5. First Down
  6. Face Mask
  7. Personal Foul
  8. Illegal Motion
  9. Clipping
  10. Penalty refused, missed field goal, missed extra point
  11. Touchdown, successful field goal, successful extra point

The whistles are only used when calling a play dead or to stop time. During a game you will hear “a flag on a play or multiple flags on a play. This is when all of those cool officiant motions come into play and we the view gets to watch a ton of instant replays to see which player(s) broke one of the plethora of rules that exist in the play book. (See officiant signals)

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