The Game

The Game

The Game

The Game – Recap National Football League has evolved since the inception of the sport. The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league consisting of 32 teams, divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). That’s 16 teams in each conference.

The Point of the Game

The ultimate goal of each team is to become their conference champion and move on to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the sport. Every team is striving to be the victor of the Super Bowl.  The game itself is broken down into four 15 minute quarters. I know what you are thinking… 4 x 15 = 60 i.e. 1 hour, so why does a football game normally last 3 to 4 hours? Its simple 2 minute pauses in between quarters and a 12 minute half time… plus, various plays that stop the clock and time outs, and challenges and yada yada yada… This is why we have to make the game an experience, eat the best grub learn the latest slang, and lets not diminish the importance of rocking the best outfits (especially comfortable ones).

The Field

The Gridiron i.e. the football field consist of parallel lines marked every 10 yards for a total of 100 not including the end zones which are 10 yards on each end. Remember that between each line is 10 yards this is important because the object of the game is to move the ball down the field and each team only has 4 attempts to do that. Only 11 players can be on the field at a time or else they get a penalty.

The Actual Game

Each team comprises of an Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

The Offense

The goal of the offense:

  • Score Points (touch down or field goal)
  • Achieve first downs as they move the ball down the field towards the end zone to score points.
The Defense
  • Stop the offense from scoring points or achieving first downs. How  “almost by any means necessary… Helmet to Helmet is a major no no… just about every other means…?”
  • Try to intercept the ball and gain possession.
Special Teams

The special teams consist of: Kickoff Team, Kick Return Team, Punting Team, Punt Blocking/Return Team, Field Goal Team and Field Goal Blocking Team. These teams come on the field throughout the game for special plays. Read More



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