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Getting the look has never been easier and you don’t have to spend a grip of money to be on trend and reppin’ your team.

Top 10 Tips to Rep your Team!
  1. Comfort First – more than likely the game is hosted at a stadium many of which don’t have ceilings. Not find yourself uncomfortable in the elements. Not to mention four 15 minute halves is really 3 to 4 hours. Rocking some adorable open toe red bottoms at a Steelers NY Giants game get you a 5-yard penalty.
  2. Do your research is it a home game – import because the teams change uniform colors depending on whether they are the home team of visiting team. When the majority of the crowd wears complementary team colors the energy elevates.
  3. Layers are awesome and easily adjustable.
  4. Oversize bag
  5. Remember a football stadium is several miles long, think of trips to the concession stand, bathroom, etc… I recommend some wedge toe tennis shoes like Adidas. You still get the height but you are comfortable.
  6. Makeup or no makeup having your face painted – it doesn’t have to be animal style still can make a statement about your loyalty to your team.  No make up no problem many women paint their nails the color of their team or get Lynx Press on nails.
  7. If you are going to do a sign make it original, use catch phrases and try to stay positive. Your team needs your motivation to get past teams with ridiculously tough defensive teams.
  8. Show your team spirit not your team stupid. If you are going to drink now even some beer brands let you rep your team. NOBODY likes sloppy drunk.
  9. Increase your football IQ. It’s just sexy!
  10. KISS – Keep it simple silly – You don’t have to try that hard to show your team pride. On a budget no worries check out some of my how to repurpose your close pins on Pinterest.

I think there’s a need out there for cute, fashionable women’s clothing for the NFL

– Kristin Cavallari- Football Wives Club

Kristine Cavallari has her own NFL design inspired clothing line.

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