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Women’s Pigskin is everything football for women who love football and women who just want to increase their football IQ.


This is not a static website it is a hub for all things college and professional football.


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We are looking for reliable women sports journalist to work on creative articles. Each article should consist of 500 to 1000 words ready for publishing. Articles should be original, informative, and eye-catching on topics regarding; American Football, the game, athletes, business as well as articles on women in football.
Your writing style should reflect publications such as Sports Illustrated, NFL, ESPN online, Yahoo Sports etc.
Although football season is from October-January we are looking for articles year round.
Use the form below to send WPS football related articles. Due to the volume of articles that we receive, we can not guarantee that your article will be accepted and posted to Women’s Pigskin Community Blog. Articles / image uploads should not contain vulgarity, nudity, or any other discriminatory content. Please try to use your voice to uplift and inform our community. Make sure you are the rights holder to use any images uploaded with your article. Women’s Pigskin is not liable for your uploads.